Thursday, June 5, 2008

Where are the missing GDF heavy weapons? Freddie is wrapped up in himself

Freddie is wrapped up in himself
I've had the greatest respect for Freddie Kissoon's writing. But his latest letter (KN 01-06-08, "Freddie replies to his critics") sadly reflects how far this columnist has plummeted.

For example, Freddie stated on the onset that he would ignore Vishnu Bisram in that letter; yet, almost half of the letter was dedicated to counter Mr. Bisram's premises!

Also in that missive, Freddie bemuses that Ravi Dev should "keep writing, and by the time he finishes he will end up like his Diaspora colleague, Vishu Bisram – without credibility".

It is also noteworthy that the good professor did not take time to ensure that Mr. Bisram's first name was spelled correctly ("Vishu" instead of "Vishnu"). One wonders if the professor overlooks 'minute' mistakes such as this in his work at the university.

Freddie is so wrapped up in himself and in his views that he has failed to see the inversion of that statement. He used to be objective in his writing and one could sense his professionalism; but not anymore. The man has reverted to a cuss-down mode when the way is not clear for him. For Freddie, when the pressure gets too much, he comes out of no where with a punch, but he hits under the belt! He is the one who has lost credibility!

I've admired Freddie - his wanting not to take sides, speaking up for the other (African) race, exposing the nuances of trying to cope like the average Guyanese, and wanting to expose the 'bad' in Guyanese society. But Freddie would have you believe that he is the 'good' guy always, and the bad guy is he who disagrees with him! He is wrapped up in himself and his philosophy which has now clouded his propensity for dispassionateness.

Freddie has had a field day with his poison pen (computer keys); his mortality now needs to be more exposed.

Where are the missing GDF heavy weapons?
Distraction and distortion are the names of the game for PNCR.

The same way Corbin says he will not be distracted from high cost of living and torture, Government must not be distracted in finding those missing GDF army guns that were issued to PNC Ministry of National Development in 1976.

Under PNC illegal dictatorial rule, some 200 or more GDF guns were issued to the Ministry of National Development in 1976.

Under PNC illegal dictatorial rule those guns were never returned to the GDF ever since.

Those guns are now deemed missing.

Government must demand PNCR leadership to account for these missing guns.

We don't want to hear about torture and high cost of living.

Every criminal will cry torture once caught committing crimes to save him/her neck.

High cost of living is a world wide problem and with Government's help and intervention the public will deal with it.

If this Government has any spine and guts to be representative of its people then it must hold the PNCR’s feet to the fire until that party tells Government and the International Community where these missing GDF guns are.

These GDF missing heavy weapons are of very serious concerns to the Guyanese public.

Government must seek help from the International Community to compel the PNCR to account for what happened to these missing heavy weapons.

No more willy nilly diversions and distractions by Corbin about his so called torture campaign and high cost of living protest march.