Saturday, April 26, 2008

As long as there is an Indian President, you will hear African Marginalization

Cries of marginalization will continue regardless
“A ploy to stir up racial feelings.”

“Produce evidence, not arbitrary examples of marginalization.”

“A case can be made for marginalization without the use of statistics.”

Those are just some of the headlines written by some letter writers on the subject of African Guyanese Marginalization.

Everyone, including African Guyanese and their leaders know there is no such thing in Guyana as "African Guyanese Marginalization"

Like I said before and will say it again. We will always hear the cries of African Guyanese Marginalization in Guyana. It will never stop as long as the President of Guyana is not an African Guyanese.

His name is Bharrat Jagdeo and is of East Indian descent and he is the current elected President of Guyana for all Guyanese. It does not matter even if every other African Guyanese are employed. It does not matter even if every other African Guyanese owned their own homes. It does not matter even if every other African Guyanese are better off today than they were prior to 1992. As long as an African Guyanese is not the ruler of Guyana the drum beat will roll and we will never stop hearing the cries of African Marginalization.

Under Burnham and Hoyte's illegal rule, African Guyanese and the majority of Guyanese were worse off than they are today.

Yet we never heard their cries of African Marginalization and or Guyanese Marginalization. I bet you, let an African Guyanese especially from the PNC side rule Guyana again. There will be no more cries of African Guyanese Marginalization. So to all those who are crying African Marginalization. To those who are saying bring the proof and those who are saying there is no African Guyanese Marginalization, You now know why the cries of African Guyanese will continue.

Save your time and breath.

Most Guyanese are too clever and too smart to figure this out and not let them rape Guyana ever again.

They will cry and protest the suspension of Sharma TV station, VAT, food prices, gas, housing, water and electricity, pot holes in roads, rainfall in the guise of fighting for the people.

Guyanese are too smart to see what they are really crying and fighting for.
They are fighting to rule Guyana and Guyanese once again the way they did from 1964 to 1992.
It is that simple.