Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Few Afro-Guyanese feel self-loathing as Ms Gibson

Few Afro-Guyanese feel self-loathing as Ms Gibson suggests

April 30, 2008

Dear Editor,

I wish to state categorically and without fear of successful contradiction that no African Guyanese will accept or share the very low opinions which Kean Gibson has of them and which she expresses in her letter captioned “A case can be made for marginalization without the use of statistics,” (08.04.24).

A very few may accept her views and arguments because they share a similar agenda with her, part of which is to denigrate Africans and blame East Indians for problems they have, but which are common to others as well.
Very few Afro-Guyanese will feel or accept that they have any reasons for self-loathing, or for feeling that they are inferior to any other citizen, as Gibson states, and very few of their fellow-citizens of other races, whether East Indians or others hold such warped opinions of Afro-Guyanese, as Gibson does.

What she accuses the Chronicle and some other media of is without foundation and blatantly untrue and mischievous, calculated to circulate racial disharmony and hatred.

She also takes quotations from the President out of context and attaches them to her spurious allegations of the motives and actions of the state, which is easily recognized by any who read her letter.

Buxton was criminalized by the criminals and some others, to fulfil their agendas, and not by any actions or policies of the state or their agencies, or the Joint Services.

Kean Gibson is definitely out of touch with reality and the truth. Perhaps, she will want to include in her next letter how many African policemen, soldiers and citizens were murdered.

Yours faithfully,
John Da Silva